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Co-Founder ● Certified Drone Pilot 

Getting my start as a DSLR photographer, I focused on taking simple photographs of landscapes, animals, and family trips when I was first honing my skills. More recently, I have branched out into aerial photography, mastering drone technology in an effort to get images of the world from a wide variety of angles. Aerial photography has been my focus for the last 7 years now. Mark has a background in Computers and Visual Design which he uses in creating websites and making videos for our clients.



Louis is a technology guru who specializes in programming languages. He studied programming in college, and as a self-taught mobile app developer, he has done work for both the Android and iOS platforms. First discovering his love of all things computers when he was a teenager, he has steadily expanded his skill set over the years. He is known for his commitment to his clients’ satisfaction, and he has demonstrated a consistent willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to make his projects work properly.


Our Cat ● Sanity Checker ● Nuzzle Giver

Stevie has been with us from the beginning of Swankrain Studios. He is one awesome cat. He not only makes sure he is right there when we are doing work. He also provides great nuzzles which keeps us sane. We owe most of our sanity to him.


JF3 Productions


For over 5 years now JF3 Productions and Swankrain Studios have been working together on video projects. They provide the ground shots and we provide the aerial footage. They are an awesome team to work with.

You can see the results of our joint effort on our Projects Page.

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